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Ok a new post . . .

January 16, 2011

I have never been more proud to be a part of a state that I’ve lived in in my whole life . . . this state and these people are amazing!!!!! Yesterday for the flood clean up there was 7,000 + people that turned up to go out to help people clean up and hundreds more were turned away. That is amazing! ! ! So many people who are helping others who unfortunately are at this moment are less fortunate than them.

I will be helping out thru my local church community. We are in the waiting cycle to hear from our local council as to what they want us to do next. Mr P is now working for the local govt in the water treatment/sewage treatment arena. So he has been working full-time since the flooding to get the water supplies back online and has been on-call each night to take calls from the electrical company regarding electrical isolations for work that needs to be done on the water equipment. He is very stressed, he said he’s never spoken to so many people on a mobile phone regarding work over a 1 day period. It just keeps ringing off the hook.

This is the part of the clean-up/restoration that people don’t know about – the safety aspect to put isolations in place to ensure people are not electrocuted. I am very proud of Mr P. The interesting thing is that this company was looking for a person for this position since June 2010 and couldn’t find an appropriate applicant. Mr P got the job in late December 2010 and only started at the beginning of January. He had been at work all of 5 days when this flood hit and he has had to hit the ground running to help out. I mentioned yesterday that they are really lucky to have found Mr P and isn’t it interesting how things work out that they got him just in time. If they didn’t have him onboard there would have only been 1 person (his boss) to try to handle all this work by themselves – wouldn’t have worked at all!

I watch TV and am dismayed all over again as now there is flood water in 2 other states with people affected and at risk. NSW and VIC are now in the midst of their own flood tragedies. It’s horrible.

Mr P & I are blessed, we count our blessings everyday and take nothing for granted these days.

Wishing you all blessings and joy today . . .


Queensland Floods

January 13, 2011

I have been moved to tears about the recent floods in Queensland (Qld). This is our new home state and although I haven’t been here long it already feels like home. I suppose there is nothing like a tragedy to really bring home the feeling that we are part of this great community and proud to call it home.

I want to blog about what has happened but I need to give it some time. I am still processing the horrible images I have seen on the TV. Thank God our suburb has been ok and we and our neighbours have all been safe and I have not witnessed anything in person. I have such immense feelings of sadness and hopelessness. I sit and don’t really know what to do and even sometimes what to feel. I can’t even imagine those people who went through the flash flooding and what they witnessed. Such tragedy . . .

So I will blog but I’m not sure when and I am just trying to keep busy and distracted for now . . . One thing that I will say to everyone is tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, tell them you love them, hold your loved ones each day, never have a cross word with them – it’s just not worth it – one day you might wish they were there to fight with if they were gone forever but in the meantime appreciate them and put all pettiness and fighting aside. Remember each day what treasures we have and live a grateful life . . .

Bless you all . . . . . .

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

January 4, 2011

Outside my window . . . a crickety warm night & 2 little doggies who are getting ready for beddy-byes
I am thinking . . . about my new little life
I am thankful for . . . being dry and having a great job
From the kitchen . . . veggie steak for me, regular steak for hubby with green beans, broccoli, snap peas and spicy tex mex coleslaw yum!
I am wearing . . . a summer sundress
I am creating . . . a 3 week meal plan
I am going . . . to start swimming this week
I am reading . . . The King’s Daughter
I am hoping . . . for a scuba dive soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On my mind . . . finances and budgeting
I am hearing . . . my fingers typing on the keyboard, crickets chirping and the TV in the background
Around the house . . . vaccuming and dishes
One of my favorite things . . . my daily cuddle time with the doggies
A few plans for the rest of the week: swimming, running (well kinda!), bike riding, good eating, good sleeping, drinking water, playing with the doggies, supporting hubby, bit o’ shopping, work, work, work

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Triathlon training

January 2, 2011

Well a new year means a new me……that sounds like a good plan doesn’t it? In my new years celebration induced state I was surfing online and found the local triathlon website for my new city. I’ve been meaning to get back into tri’s so what did I do???? Yep, you guessed it I signed up for one in March 2011 right there on the spot! ha! I must admit I woke up on 1st January and asked myself what on earth was I thinking??? But I am now committed and I am starting my training this week!

I have competed – well that’s actually probably not the appropriate word to use – I have participated in and finished 2 triathlons in my life. One was a team event in the US and the 2nd was about 4 years ago were I completed the shortie individual event. That was 4 years and 2 states ago……I have drifted far from tri training so I believe I’ll be hurting for a couple of weeks at least. I did my 12 week gym challenge last year and lost quite a bit of weight and got fit but that ended in May and I haven’t done heaps of exercise since then.

*Enter* – the good old internet and google – I googled beginner tri training and found something that will work. Of course I’ve done 2 before but I need some input to get started so I’m about to mark up my calendar with my training events and it’ll be a countdown to the race day. The funny thing is that the beginner program is about 8 weeks and that’s pretty much just how much time I’ve got.

So, here’s to tri training and a new me and a new year…’s all about me going out and getting what I want and being closer to the authentic self that I want to be 🙂

Happy tri training!

New State, New House, New Job

December 31, 2010

I have been absent for these past few months due to not having i-net access at home. Just got hooked back up online this week so here I am again. I must say I didn’t really miss blogging, since I only started it a while ago I wasn’t totally addicted yet like it appears some people are. It did cross my mind a couple of times as I encountered new things that I thought “hey that would be cool to blog about”. Anyway – here I am!

This will be the last post for 2010. Yay, great year, soon to be in the past and behind me. 2011 can only bring bigger and better things for me (& Mr P) so I say bring it on!!!! 🙂

The title of my post: New State – obviously, you knew about that already, New House – yay! beautiful big sprawling house in a lovely little suburb. It’s set high on a hill with views of the treeline on the horizon. It’s got a massive – and when I say massive I mean MASSIVE – backyard that the doggies can run around in and play in. Alas that also means lots of mowing! 🙂 It’s a sweet little love nest for us to start the next chapter of our lives. After our roughish time in our last location I believe this will be a place of great soul restoration and happiness. New Job – well not mine! you already know about that one, drum roll……it’s a new job for Mr P. After all the hassle of looking online from afar, applying, phone interviews, possible in person interviews (he did a couple of those which involved flying interstate for the interview) and then no success we finally decided he should just move to be with me. It had been 3 months since I’d left, he had to give 1 months notice at work so that was 4 months apart – enough time apart so he moved without a job. That was a tad scary but has worked out for the best as he got a job within 2 weeks of moving here and will be starting on 4th Jan – yay Mr P! I hope that he enjoys it as much as I enjoy my new job. At least it will be pay cheque coming in to help with the budget 🙂

So, I’ve just been perusing some cool blogs on the net and seeing all these posts about 2011 resolutions. I haven’t yet decided what mine will be but I think I will make at least a couple. I’m rather sick of the “I will lose weight” “I will save money” “I will eat better” “I will exercise 5 days a week” resolutions. These have simply not worked for me in the past, so I’ll have to give it some thought and come back to post my resolutions when I’ve figured them out.

Happy New Year to all, enjoy your champers and I’ll see you in 2011.

Diving into the blue again……..


I made a friend

October 14, 2010

So, a real bummer part of moving is having to find another hairdresser that you trust – you girls know what I’m talking about… sux big time! I loved my last hairdresser. Anyway, so I pick a place – I’ve only been in town 3 weeks but I’m due for a colour and trim – it was on the main street of town, it looked hip and funky. They also did late night appts on Wednesdays, a big bonus cos then you don’t have to spend all day Saturday at the hairdresser.

The hairdresser is running late when I get there by about 30-40 mins. I randomly sit next to this girl while we are both waiting and we start chatting – she’s got a Macca’s bag of food, her fries smell to-die-for and we’re exchanging pleasantries. We end up sitting next to each other and yak our way thru our hair appts – foils and all making us look a treat. Part way thru our convo as we were discussing that I’d just moved to the area she mentions that she moved here a year and a half ago. I asked from where – get this…….drum roll please……..she is from my home town. I mean wow! amazing! But you don’t get the significance – that hometown is on the other side of the country AND what’s the chance we would both have hair appts on the same night, they’d be running late so we’d have a chance to chat & meet and we’d get to sit next to each other to talk thru the rest of the appt. I’m a big believer in that things happen for a reason! 🙂

So happy to meet a normal person in this area and one who gets me from my home town. We chat again thru the rest of the appt and by the end we exchange phone numbers. I said to her I should get your number, she’s like yeah – oh by the way my name is C and I giggled and said my name is H. A lady getting her hair washed had overheard us talking for the past 2 hours and she commented – I just love that you’re already best friends but you don’t even know each others names!

I went out to dinner with C tonight. Lovely Indian restaurant with great food, lovely company talking about all things hometown plus also her upcoming nuptials, moving to this area (& the challenges that poses), partners, TV shows, you name it – we talked it. I’m so happy I made a friend! *smile* Made my day, made my week! *smile*

Here’s to new adventures and new friends……

Saturday Musings

October 9, 2010

I’ve had my beliefs challenged this week. Trying week at work. I enjoyed being on reception – always good to be in touch with the clients and what’s going on out the front. Of course you also get little doggy cuddles and kisses too – thanks to the mini dauschund “Betty” named after the song Black Betty. She was adorable wrapped up in her pink blankey and was kissing me all over my face & neck – too funny!!! We also had some trying moments with people who needed to get their animals seen to but no $ – happens quite a bit here, happens quite a bit the world over. It’s the same sob stories over the phone as what I’ve heard a million times before (even years and years ago in Michigan USA). It doesn’t change. This time it came with crying from one lady who was a new client who we’d never even seen and the comment that she thought that vets helped all animals. Well yes, but it takes some responsibility on the pet owner’s behalf too. I would never begrudge anyone having a pet, it’s a joy in life, but they need to be responsible and plan ahead that something might happen where it would get sick and they may need some spare cash for that. It’s just like having a kid it’s the same thing, we need to plan to look after them. We are a not-for-profit clinic but that doesn’t mean we don’t have expenses and medicine costs big $ so we need some kind of payment.

I try to work with people as much as we can. It’s like one of my vet nurses said to me – if that lady would go and hoc her TV at cash converters we’d do anything to help her. It’s always the same – promises of I’ll pay anything once I get the money but invariably they don’t get the money, if they don’t have it then, they never will. We do plenty of charity work and write off bills by 100% for a lot of people each and every month. I’m the one left going thru the accounts of people who won’t/can’t pay up. It’s a fine line to walk. I wish we could help everyone, I really do, but we have to have some guidelines otherwise we wouldn’t be in business for long. I find it interesting the other vet clinics who charge like a wounded bull for inital consults but won’t work with the clients on treatment once they diagnose that the pet is sick. Then they give them our contact details so that they can do a payment plan with us cos they won’t do payment plans for clients! Frustrating!

Anyway, in all in a good week. I’m going to the movies today to watch Eat, Pray, Love. Hoping it’s going to be as good as the book. I had a friend asking on FB if the book was worth it and what all the hype was about. A friend of hers posted she’d read it and didn’t know what all the hype was about it wasn’t that good. I posted that I really thought it depended on where you were at in your life stages. As in, when I read it I was going thru a relationship bust-up and about the same age and I really got it! It spoke to me. Guess it just depends. Hope it’s good.

Happy weekend peoples!