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When it rains it pours

August 10, 2010

Well I can’t quite believe it but I am here to post that I find myself in the strangest situation at the moment.  I have come to appreciate the saying when it rains it pours.  We are still looking into interstate moves….very good for the diving situation as this state  is well frankly not so good for the diving situation.  Anyway we have been looking at possible locations and possible job opportunities.  It so happens that yes really – when it rains it pours…..

My husband had a phone interview for a position in another state in a particular town.  He had only barely finished that this afternoon and I was called regarding a job of my own in same state different town – and by different I mean waaaaay different town.  Hours and hours drive apart.  Part of our seachange is a total change in lifestyle, jobs etc and not to be living a gazillion miles apart.  So nope, living in 2 different places so we could both have our jobs wouldn’t be on the cards.  I would be thrilled to have my job, slightly less pay but totally in the industry I want to be in, totally challenging, stimulating, fulfilling – all at the same time!  I would be blessed to have a job like that.  Diving might not be as good there I don’t know, we’d have to sit and figure that out.

We aren’t quite there for a decision yet anyway as we are waiting to hear back about my husband’s potential job (possibly by the end of this week) and I am waiting to hear about being flown up to meet and interview with my potential place of employment.  Wow.  It never rains but it pours – seriously!

So we if indeed we find ourselves in the lucky situation of having 2 job offers we will have some serious talking, thinking & praying to do.  I never thought it would happen and perhaps it still won’t but wouldn’t that be weird?!

Thinking good thoughts and sending good vibes out to the universe that we will have the right doors opened to us so that if a job offer comes through we know it’s the right one!

Oh yeah, my new acronym for today…..





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