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What was I worried about…

August 11, 2010

Well I had one night of what-ifs and wondering about having to make potentially hard decisions but all to no avail as today Mr P got an email saying he wouldn’t be progressed to the next stage.  So that is one decision we don’t have to make.  Moving to another area is enough of a decision, let alone having to decide between 2 different jobs, 2 different places to live & all that comes with that.  But of course Mr P is not thrilled that it was a no – it’s easy for me to say that means there’s something better out there waiting for him, but that’s not easy when you’re on the end of the “no” email……

I am still waiting to hear anything from my potential job.  I have a good mindset tho & am quite placid about the whole thing which is great – cos that is sooooo totally not me!  I have some very close friends praying for me and for the right doors to open so perhaps that’s helping.

We are both suffering at our jobs tho & really need to make a move soon.  Yes, as much stress as all that entails, it’s still the right thing for us to do for our little family.  We are keeping the GOH alive – Glimmer of Hope! 🙂

Happy blogging peoples….

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