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To Do List Week Starting 16 Aug 10

August 15, 2010

Updated to do list, some items from last list completed, but many more to go…..

  1. Shop for groceries
  2. Clean out the fridge
  3. File papework – 1/2 way there
  4. Clean car
  5. Sort thru clothes
  6. Dust
  7. Exercise!!!
  8. Research moving interstate
  9. Buy pillow protectors
  10. Donate beds & TVS
  11. Arrange for removal of larger trash items
  12. File taxes
  13. Buy camera
  14. Sort/count spare change
  15. Deposit spare change
  16. Mop floors
  17. Move pilates machine
  18. Donate clothes
  19. Donate books
  20. Schedule car service for Mr P

That’s plenty of to-do’s for this week or so…..I do feel like I got quite a bit done last week altho I felt terribly disorganised.  I am hoping to do better this week.  At least I have a plan to get some stuff done.  I also did a shop for some lovely fresh veggies today so we are having a roast veggie dinner tonight.  Mr P will have a meat roast, I’m having a veggo one!  Should be lovely with a nice glass of red wine – what could be better on a cold winter night.

I have no idea on our interstate movements yet, it’s quite frustrating not knowing what’s happening or when it’ll happen.  But this is giving me plenty of opportunity to practice patience – ha!  I am not a very patient person at all.  Good news is that the move has instigated me to get back onto our budget as we need to know our bottom line for where we’re at with $ for new salaries/commitment to renting etc.  So I’ve gotten stuck into that and we are well and truly ok with budgeting/finances for now.  We’ll have to be careful with our move but we’ll do ok.  It’s such a good opportunity for us to have a sea change in everything so we might have Mr P look into a new career path – how exciting!

Whilst I’ve been catching up/blogging I have been watching District 9 – very thought provoking.  I’ve seen it before but it brings back lots of interesting political ideas/plots etc.  Interesting.

Hoping for some sunshine this week.  Happy things – a new toy for me: ipod shuffle for me to do my walking/running with.  Much much easier to carry around than my ipod touch.  I’ve loaded some new songs onto it that are a good tempo for inspiring me to get moving, so I’m going to do that this week also! 🙂

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