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August 16, 2010

That is my hubby’s acronym for our current circumstances. We made it up the other night whilst discussing potential interstate moves. It’s GOH – Glimmer of Hope. That’s what we have every time someone gets in touch with us regarding possible work interstate. So my latest GOH is a possible interstate job interview later this week. I am just waiting to hear on what flights are good for the guy who needs to interview me. I was called by the HR lady this a.m. to discuss coming up there Thursday. Wow, I am so excited – my major GOH.

I need to not lose sight of the fact that altho they are interviewing me it is also a chance for me to view the set-up, meet the people and figure out if it’s a good fit for me also. The job sounds like it’s handmade for me and I would love it! It’s actually less pay than what I am currently on but this move is all about a seachange – total change in lifestyle, careers, everything for us – I’ve done the number crunching and it fits our revised budget ok. It’s hard not to get carried away and have my heart set on it all as afterall it might not work out for some reason but this is my biggest GOH so far! It would also mean that we could make our plans on moving to the area and have Mr P narrow his search for employment.

Fingers crossed for later this week! I’m hoping it all works out ok. As Mr P and I keep saying if it’s meant to be it will be!

Oh yeah – would mean heaps better diving for us there!!!!! Major wahoo!!!!!!

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