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No news is good news?

August 20, 2010

I had an eventful day yesterday. Boy was I tired by the time I reached home last night around 9pm. I had been up for about 17 hours, travelled about 3000km all up and drove for almost 4 hours as well. I had an awesome time. Lovely people, very cute little office to work in. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine all day, as compared to what was waiting at home for me, windy, rainy and cold, cold weather! I loved it there. Such a nice area with beautiful big, green trees. They suggested I would hear from them fairly quickly but today I haven’t received any calls or emails. I guess the no emails is a good thing cos that means I’ve still got a chance. If it’s a no you often get the thanks but no thanks email pretty quickly. I wouldn’t have thought they’d fly me up for an interview if they weren’t pretty serious. It was probably one of the best interviews in my life.

So, we wait. And for now we say no news is good news. It’s hard tho. Mr P & I were hoping we might be celebrating tonight but fingers crossed that is yet to come….

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