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Got the Job!

August 24, 2010

Well I got the job! Yay for me! It is such a relief to know for sure that I’m on my way to my brand new, wonderful life. I really sense this is totally the way to go for our great new life we plan to make for ourselves. I hope to have a cute little home of our own someday in the not too distant future (after selling our current house) and hope to have a great little garden to grown wonderful fruit & veg to eat! Yay! I can picture a little home like that in the great sunshine in our new location with the doggies racing around the backyard being spazzes!!! 🙂 Fun!

I almost cried when the HR lady rang and offered me the job. I got off the phone and was oh so excited I could have jumped around for hours!!! I really hope this is the job of a lifetime, one that I can wake up each morning and be excited to go to and that I turn into one of those freaks you meet who say they “lurve” their job! I can’t wait!

Bit sad on leaving Mr P and the doggies behind for a bit but I’ve gotta get up there, get cracking on making some moolah, scope out the place and hope for the best on Mr P finishing up things down here, packing up the house and hopefully getting himself a crazy great job that he loves up there!!!

2 weeks to work at work – think I’ll survive. My boss was shell shocked when I turned my notice in. He said it didn’t surprise him tho. He’s not thrilled with having me move on, I do so much there that they don’t even know about or have to think about cos it just gets done. He went to visit the big big boss and apparently that boss WAS shocked – oooops, guess I’ve been doing a good job of getting things done and not looking like I’m hating it even tho I feel like each day I go there I die a little bit inside. Not many people at work now yet – will be interesting to see what people say when they find out. The in-laws and extended family have taken it mostly fairly well so far which is a blessing.

More to come on the move I’m sure but I just want to encourage anyone who is thinking of making a change to research it, step out in faith and then just do it. Life is so short and it’s so worth it to do what you want to and something that will make you genuinely happy! 🙂

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