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Start of my brand new life tomorrow!

September 4, 2010

Well after all this time of hoping and planning the day finally dawns tomorrow where I get to start my brand new life! Yay!

I am relocating interstate (fly out tomorrow evening) to start my wonderful new job that I am so pleased about as a veterinary practice manager. It is a not for profit vet agency that is part of a national organistion that has clinics and shelters around the country. Wow, the job is handmade for my experience and I feel so blessed to be able to get back to animal work – it makes my heart sing and soothes my soul! 🙂

So, I have had a flurry of packing packing packing as I am leaving Mr P to finish up loose ends down here. Hoping he’ll be in a good frame of mind/position to be able to complete the final bits of packing & get the house on the market. Here’s hoping for a quick sale also!

Leaving work wasn’t hard, I have been dying on the vine there for a long while now – always feeling like there must be something more, something better, is this really it for the rest of my life…..ho hum…..and now I know there is more, there is something better, the rest of my life has hope and joy etched in the journey – oh my, so happy! There were some lovely people at work, even tho I did not enjoy my actual work, and they will be missed but I’ll keep in touch with the ones I was closest to.

I am in the midst of excitement but also saddness at saying so-long-for-now to Mr P and my doggies, sad 😦 I’m also in the midst of being slightly overwhelmed by all the gotta-get-dones between now and when we are both finally settled again. It’s going to be an interesting journey. God will provide and guide 🙂

Here’s to a brand new life!

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