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New beginnings

September 6, 2010

I have arrived at my new place of living… is beautiful here today, blue skies, few wispy white clouds and sunshine – lovely! Just what the doc ordered for a lil girl who loves sunshine and has been suffering the ol’ winter blues in my previous location….I kinda don’t know what to do next. There feels like there is so much to do yet really – what do I have to do but eventually turn up to work for my first day on Wednesday!

I miss Mr P terribly already. We talked before I left and we have a timeline sorted with some sort of plan for him to be able to join me soon. We’ll just have to survive the financial side whatever comes along – God will guide and provide.

It was a quick flight up here so that was good, it was pouring rain when I had to find my rental car tho so I got soaked. It was almost midnight and I decided to take a long detour (read as got lost, couldn’t even understand the GPS!) so got to my hotel quite late. But I got there safe and sound and had an ok sleep. Me thinks a nap is on the cards for this arvo tho…..

So….on to bigger and better things….wow my new life begins and here’s to new beginnings…….

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