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Rain, rain, go away

September 20, 2010

Well it’s rainy here now. It’s been trying to rain since sometime yesterday. It’s not too bad cos I’m inside all day obviously but it’s not the great sunny weather I arrived here to. I feel like I’m back where I moved from (boo!) but it’s not cold by any stretch of the imagination so that’s good. You can still walk around in shorts & a t-shirt even with the rain.

Work has been busy, busy. We helped rescue a greyhound from being put to sleep today – well worth the day at work! He’s very adorable, huge, brindle coloured – amazing. He was very chummy with all of us from the start also so hopefully that’s a good sign for rehoming him. Since he can’t race any more his owner and his trainer both wanted to put him down. Not cool. So they agreed to surrender him instead and he will be rehomed now – fingers crossed!

I miss Mr P. We just got our vid calls working tho so at least now we can see each other when the i-net connection is working properly. That’s a plus! 🙂 It makes me v.happy to see his smiling face. Fingers crossed for his phone interview this Wednesday that it will go great and maybe it will be his perfect job to move to! I wish everyone could feel as satisfied at their jobs as I do. I remember a guy at work who was always happy – almost deliriously happy – I used to think what the heck is wrong with him, is he on happy drugs or something? And I remember when I was moving for this job, I told a friend I wanted to be that person at work that people wonder why are they so happy. I want to wake up and want to go to work – so far so good! 🙂

I’m having an interesting meal tonight of cous cous with sundried toms, olives and some soy veg meat. It’s a bit of a weird combo but after eating just waffles with p-nut butter & maple syrup (yum!) last night I thought I should be a bit healthier! ha!

Oh yeah, I’m also participating in a 5 Week Challenge where you get to work on exercise plus me-stuff. Besides boot camp which is on super early Sat a.m.’s I have set myself the challenge to dream big and make some goals for my life. I’m excited about my future & what it holds. Here’s to goals & dreams……

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