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Baby Sugar Glider

September 22, 2010

I really need to start taking my camera to work with me. We had a guy call me at work yesterday saying his son had found a baby possum that was only 3-4cm long (sorry guys I don’t know the conversion to inches – but not very long!) He asked what should they do with it? Well, we take wild animal surrenders (people who have found injured wild animals etc can drop them in to us) so I told him to bring it in. I forgot about it as I continued with my daily work – I was filling in for reception since one of our girls was off sick.

Next I know it there’s this guy with his teenage son standing in reception asking if he’d spoken to me on the phone about the possum? I said yep, that was me – he opens his hand and there’s this tiny little thing lying there curled up. It was v.small and grey and had it’s eyes still shut, tiny little clawed hands and feet – adorable! Turns out it was a baby sugar glider. So I took it from the guy, thanked the teenage son who was quite shy & a tad embarrassed about it all and I gave it to one of the vets. She tucked him up in a blankey and carried him around tucked into her scrubs top until a wildlife carer could come get it.

Amazing – we helped to save yet another precious little animal. So I didn’t have my camera but this is very much what it looked like, only it was laying on it’s side curled up in the fetal position.

I’ve only been at work for 2 weeks now and so far we’ve helped rescue: a sugar glider, a duck, a rainbow lorikeet, several birds (that I didn’t know the species of), a bobtail lizard and even a tawny frog mouth owl. Beautiful – all stunning to look at and help save! 🙂 People who do wildlife rescue and caring are incredible people!

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