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Booty Camp – oh no, I just mean Boot Camp!

October 2, 2010

Ha ha ha ha – well it could be called get that Booty in shape Boot Camp I suppose! Oh my, I started Boot Camp this a.m. at 7.30am which meant a very early wake up for a Sat a.m. – not so much fun! I was contemplating not going. Yesterday Mr P heard that he didn’t get this latest job from his most recent interview – bummer! I was super bummed out last night and just wanted to veg – totally thought about blowing off Boot Camp but I’m here and proud to say that I didn’t – I went! Rain and all…..

Boy – how long has it been since an exercise session kicked my butt (booty! ha!) Probably since I completed my 12 week gym challenge which finished in late May this year. But we did do an hour and a half workout – that’s forever!!! Hhhmmmm, me thinks it’s been way too long since I’ve jogged around the block – couldn’t run much today way puffed. I’m also sore already from how many killer squats and lunges we did, prob won’t be able to walk tomorrow and the 2nd day is always worse so bring on Monday! not!

I am v.pleased that I made the effort tho. This is all part of my plans for my fab new life that has started with my most recent move. I’m also journalling on what that fab life should look like so that I can make some plans and put actions to those plans to see fulfillment of my goals. Won’t that be nice?

Oh yeah – but I’m still having a blueberry muffin for a snack this arvo. Naughty aren’t I, better make sure I’m at the next Booty – I mean – Boot Camp then! ha! šŸ™‚

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