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An old friend & a new little friend

October 5, 2010

Well we ended up with another little sugar glider at work. This one was even tinier than the last one. This time I was prepared. Trusty camera in hand I snapped a couple of shots of the cute little guy. We had called a wild life carer in to pick up the new little one (he’s the one in the photo with the tail that looks like a feather) He’s a rare species so we’re glad that someone brought him in to be taken care of. Probably fell off the mama one somewhere and was lucky enough to be found by a good soul. Bless those people……

Anyway, on with the story – so I was talking to the wild life carer and she mentioned the one from last week that we gave her. Well lo and behold she pulls out this little blue fleece square and starts to roll back the sides and there he is. So much more grown up, so much bigger and with big, bright eyes staring out at me. I couldn’t resist the opp for another photo so here’s one of him too…..He gets 2 1/2 meals 5 x’s per day. He’s a lucky little camper finding a good wild life carer. Makes me think I might be interested in doing that – it would be a 24/7 job tho. Work wouldn’t care, it would just be fitting it in around other activities – but oh…..wouldn’t it be rewarding???

Here’s the “growned-up-er” one…..

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