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Saturday Musings

October 9, 2010

I’ve had my beliefs challenged this week. Trying week at work. I enjoyed being on reception – always good to be in touch with the clients and what’s going on out the front. Of course you also get little doggy cuddles and kisses too – thanks to the mini dauschund “Betty” named after the song Black Betty. She was adorable wrapped up in her pink blankey and was kissing me all over my face & neck – too funny!!! We also had some trying moments with people who needed to get their animals seen to but no $ – happens quite a bit here, happens quite a bit the world over. It’s the same sob stories over the phone as what I’ve heard a million times before (even years and years ago in Michigan USA). It doesn’t change. This time it came with crying from one lady who was a new client who we’d never even seen and the comment that she thought that vets helped all animals. Well yes, but it takes some responsibility on the pet owner’s behalf too. I would never begrudge anyone having a pet, it’s a joy in life, but they need to be responsible and plan ahead that something might happen where it would get sick and they may need some spare cash for that. It’s just like having a kid it’s the same thing, we need to plan to look after them. We are a not-for-profit clinic but that doesn’t mean we don’t have expenses and medicine costs big $ so we need some kind of payment.

I try to work with people as much as we can. It’s like one of my vet nurses said to me – if that lady would go and hoc her TV at cash converters we’d do anything to help her. It’s always the same – promises of I’ll pay anything once I get the money but invariably they don’t get the money, if they don’t have it then, they never will. We do plenty of charity work and write off bills by 100% for a lot of people each and every month. I’m the one left going thru the accounts of people who won’t/can’t pay up. It’s a fine line to walk. I wish we could help everyone, I really do, but we have to have some guidelines otherwise we wouldn’t be in business for long. I find it interesting the other vet clinics who charge like a wounded bull for inital consults but won’t work with the clients on treatment once they diagnose that the pet is sick. Then they give them our contact details so that they can do a payment plan with us cos they won’t do payment plans for clients! Frustrating!

Anyway, in all in a good week. I’m going to the movies today to watch Eat, Pray, Love. Hoping it’s going to be as good as the book. I had a friend asking on FB if the book was worth it and what all the hype was about. A friend of hers posted she’d read it and didn’t know what all the hype was about it wasn’t that good. I posted that I really thought it depended on where you were at in your life stages. As in, when I read it I was going thru a relationship bust-up and about the same age and I really got it! It spoke to me. Guess it just depends. Hope it’s good.

Happy weekend peoples!

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