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I made a friend

October 14, 2010

So, a real bummer part of moving is having to find another hairdresser that you trust – you girls know what I’m talking about… sux big time! I loved my last hairdresser. Anyway, so I pick a place – I’ve only been in town 3 weeks but I’m due for a colour and trim – it was on the main street of town, it looked hip and funky. They also did late night appts on Wednesdays, a big bonus cos then you don’t have to spend all day Saturday at the hairdresser.

The hairdresser is running late when I get there by about 30-40 mins. I randomly sit next to this girl while we are both waiting and we start chatting – she’s got a Macca’s bag of food, her fries smell to-die-for and we’re exchanging pleasantries. We end up sitting next to each other and yak our way thru our hair appts – foils and all making us look a treat. Part way thru our convo as we were discussing that I’d just moved to the area she mentions that she moved here a year and a half ago. I asked from where – get this…….drum roll please……..she is from my home town. I mean wow! amazing! But you don’t get the significance – that hometown is on the other side of the country AND what’s the chance we would both have hair appts on the same night, they’d be running late so we’d have a chance to chat & meet and we’d get to sit next to each other to talk thru the rest of the appt. I’m a big believer in that things happen for a reason! 🙂

So happy to meet a normal person in this area and one who gets me from my home town. We chat again thru the rest of the appt and by the end we exchange phone numbers. I said to her I should get your number, she’s like yeah – oh by the way my name is C and I giggled and said my name is H. A lady getting her hair washed had overheard us talking for the past 2 hours and she commented – I just love that you’re already best friends but you don’t even know each others names!

I went out to dinner with C tonight. Lovely Indian restaurant with great food, lovely company talking about all things hometown plus also her upcoming nuptials, moving to this area (& the challenges that poses), partners, TV shows, you name it – we talked it. I’m so happy I made a friend! *smile* Made my day, made my week! *smile*

Here’s to new adventures and new friends……

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