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Triathlon training

January 2, 2011

Well a new year means a new me……that sounds like a good plan doesn’t it? In my new years celebration induced state I was surfing online and found the local triathlon website for my new city. I’ve been meaning to get back into tri’s so what did I do???? Yep, you guessed it I signed up for one in March 2011 right there on the spot! ha! I must admit I woke up on 1st January and asked myself what on earth was I thinking??? But I am now committed and I am starting my training this week!

I have competed – well that’s actually probably not the appropriate word to use – I have participated in and finished 2 triathlons in my life. One was a team event in the US and the 2nd was about 4 years ago were I completed the shortie individual event. That was 4 years and 2 states ago……I have drifted far from tri training so I believe I’ll be hurting for a couple of weeks at least. I did my 12 week gym challenge last year and lost quite a bit of weight and got fit but that ended in May and I haven’t done heaps of exercise since then.

*Enter* – the good old internet and google – I googled beginner tri training and found something that will work. Of course I’ve done 2 before but I need some input to get started so I’m about to mark up my calendar with my training events and it’ll be a countdown to the race day. The funny thing is that the beginner program is about 8 weeks and that’s pretty much just how much time I’ve got.

So, here’s to tri training and a new me and a new year…’s all about me going out and getting what I want and being closer to the authentic self that I want to be 🙂

Happy tri training!

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