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January 16, 2011

I have never been more proud to be a part of a state that I’ve lived in in my whole life . . . this state and these people are amazing!!!!! Yesterday for the flood clean up there was 7,000 + people that turned up to go out to help people clean up and hundreds more were turned away. That is amazing! ! ! So many people who are helping others who unfortunately are at this moment are less fortunate than them.

I will be helping out thru my local church community. We are in the waiting cycle to hear from our local council as to what they want us to do next. Mr P is now working for the local govt in the water treatment/sewage treatment arena. So he has been working full-time since the flooding to get the water supplies back online and has been on-call each night to take calls from the electrical company regarding electrical isolations for work that needs to be done on the water equipment. He is very stressed, he said he’s never spoken to so many people on a mobile phone regarding work over a 1 day period. It just keeps ringing off the hook.

This is the part of the clean-up/restoration that people don’t know about – the safety aspect to put isolations in place to ensure people are not electrocuted. I am very proud of Mr P. The interesting thing is that this company was looking for a person for this position since June 2010 and couldn’t find an appropriate applicant. Mr P got the job in late December 2010 and only started at the beginning of January. He had been at work all of 5 days when this flood hit and he has had to hit the ground running to help out. I mentioned yesterday that they are really lucky to have found Mr P and isn’t it interesting how things work out that they got him just in time. If they didn’t have him onboard there would have only been 1 person (his boss) to try to handle all this work by themselves – wouldn’t have worked at all!

I watch TV and am dismayed all over again as now there is flood water in 2 other states with people affected and at risk. NSW and VIC are now in the midst of their own flood tragedies. It’s horrible.

Mr P & I are blessed, we count our blessings everyday and take nothing for granted these days.

Wishing you all blessings and joy today . . .

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