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An old friend & a new little friend

October 5, 2010

Well we ended up with another little sugar glider at work. This one was even tinier than the last one. This time I was prepared. Trusty camera in hand I snapped a couple of shots of the cute little guy. We had called a wild life carer in to pick up the new little one (he’s the one in the photo with the tail that looks like a feather) He’s a rare species so we’re glad that someone brought him in to be taken care of. Probably fell off the mama one somewhere and was lucky enough to be found by a good soul. Bless those people……

Anyway, on with the story – so I was talking to the wild life carer and she mentioned the one from last week that we gave her. Well lo and behold she pulls out this little blue fleece square and starts to roll back the sides and there he is. So much more grown up, so much bigger and with big, bright eyes staring out at me. I couldn’t resist the opp for another photo so here’s one of him too…..He gets 2 1/2 meals 5 x’s per day. He’s a lucky little camper finding a good wild life carer. Makes me think I might be interested in doing that – it would be a 24/7 job tho. Work wouldn’t care, it would just be fitting it in around other activities – but oh…..wouldn’t it be rewarding???

Here’s the “growned-up-er” one…..


The Simple Woman’s Daybook

October 5, 2010

Outside my window…a crickety warm night
I am thinking…about my far away love
I am thankful for…a roof over my head and feeling safe
From the kitchen…I am yet to really get into this one…..hhmmmm, can somebody say takeout again?
I am wearing…shorts & tank top
I am creating…a new life for myself
I am going…to the hairdressers tomorrow night – yay!
I am reading…some rocking blogs on the net
I am hoping…for yet again – success on Mr P’s interview (yet another one……) Fingers crossed!
On my mind…wanting to meditate
I am hearing…the chatter of young love & youthful flirting in the kitchen
Around the house…laundry
One of my favorite things…doing my budget – yes I am whacked! Don’t worry I get it!
A few plans for the rest of the week: hairdresser, look at my first rental property to check out suitability, shopping, plans for healthy eating……hhhhhmmmm we’ll see how that goes……
Here is a picture for the thoughts I am sharing…

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Booty Camp – oh no, I just mean Boot Camp!

October 2, 2010

Ha ha ha ha – well it could be called get that Booty in shape Boot Camp I suppose! Oh my, I started Boot Camp this a.m. at 7.30am which meant a very early wake up for a Sat a.m. – not so much fun! I was contemplating not going. Yesterday Mr P heard that he didn’t get this latest job from his most recent interview – bummer! I was super bummed out last night and just wanted to veg – totally thought about blowing off Boot Camp but I’m here and proud to say that I didn’t – I went! Rain and all…..

Boy – how long has it been since an exercise session kicked my butt (booty! ha!) Probably since I completed my 12 week gym challenge which finished in late May this year. But we did do an hour and a half workout – that’s forever!!! Hhhmmmm, me thinks it’s been way too long since I’ve jogged around the block – couldn’t run much today way puffed. I’m also sore already from how many killer squats and lunges we did, prob won’t be able to walk tomorrow and the 2nd day is always worse so bring on Monday! not!

I am v.pleased that I made the effort tho. This is all part of my plans for my fab new life that has started with my most recent move. I’m also journalling on what that fab life should look like so that I can make some plans and put actions to those plans to see fulfillment of my goals. Won’t that be nice?

Oh yeah – but I’m still having a blueberry muffin for a snack this arvo. Naughty aren’t I, better make sure I’m at the next Booty – I mean – Boot Camp then! ha! 🙂

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

September 28, 2010

Outside my window…darkness
I am thinking…that it’s time I start some Yoga practice again
I am thankful for…puppy & kitten cuddles (esp from my doggie – pic below)
From the kitchen…nada – treated myself to a dinner out at a restaurant
I am wearing…shortie pj’s
I am creating…this blog entry
I am going…to start looking at possible rental properties
I am reading…a yoga magazine
I am hoping…for success on Mr P’s interview tomorrow (yep, same from last week but this is him being flown interstate for the face to face interview now – wahoo!)
On my mind…a difficult situation at work that must be handled with composure and tact
I am hearing…rain drizzling outside my window
Around the house…nada again – nothing exciting this week
One of my favorite things…my bed
A few plans for the rest of the week: shopping Thurs night, boot camp starts Sat a.m. (eeek!), visit to the day spa Sat arvo, church Sun a.m.
Here is a picture for the thoughts I am sharing…

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Baby Sugar Glider

September 22, 2010

I really need to start taking my camera to work with me. We had a guy call me at work yesterday saying his son had found a baby possum that was only 3-4cm long (sorry guys I don’t know the conversion to inches – but not very long!) He asked what should they do with it? Well, we take wild animal surrenders (people who have found injured wild animals etc can drop them in to us) so I told him to bring it in. I forgot about it as I continued with my daily work – I was filling in for reception since one of our girls was off sick.

Next I know it there’s this guy with his teenage son standing in reception asking if he’d spoken to me on the phone about the possum? I said yep, that was me – he opens his hand and there’s this tiny little thing lying there curled up. It was v.small and grey and had it’s eyes still shut, tiny little clawed hands and feet – adorable! Turns out it was a baby sugar glider. So I took it from the guy, thanked the teenage son who was quite shy & a tad embarrassed about it all and I gave it to one of the vets. She tucked him up in a blankey and carried him around tucked into her scrubs top until a wildlife carer could come get it.

Amazing – we helped to save yet another precious little animal. So I didn’t have my camera but this is very much what it looked like, only it was laying on it’s side curled up in the fetal position.

I’ve only been at work for 2 weeks now and so far we’ve helped rescue: a sugar glider, a duck, a rainbow lorikeet, several birds (that I didn’t know the species of), a bobtail lizard and even a tawny frog mouth owl. Beautiful – all stunning to look at and help save! 🙂 People who do wildlife rescue and caring are incredible people!

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

September 21, 2010

Outside my window…darkness
I am thinking…of my sweet hubby so far away
I am thankful for…a fantastic job
From the kitchen…leftovers from last night & a treat – a blueberry muffin for desert
I am wearing…shorts & a tank top
I am creating…goals for my future
I am going…nowhere right now, here is where I’m meant to be
I am reading…The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I am hoping…for success on Mr P’s interview tomorrow!!!!
On my mind…all the ‘must-do’s’ that need to get done to sell the house & move permanently to new location
I am hearing…roomies cooking in the kitchen
Around the house…nothing more to do for today – woo!
One of my favorite things…puppy cuddles
A few plans for the rest of the week: work, reading, emails to old friends, photo taking, devotional class on Sunday
Here is picture for the thoughts I am sharing…

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Rain, rain, go away

September 20, 2010

Well it’s rainy here now. It’s been trying to rain since sometime yesterday. It’s not too bad cos I’m inside all day obviously but it’s not the great sunny weather I arrived here to. I feel like I’m back where I moved from (boo!) but it’s not cold by any stretch of the imagination so that’s good. You can still walk around in shorts & a t-shirt even with the rain.

Work has been busy, busy. We helped rescue a greyhound from being put to sleep today – well worth the day at work! He’s very adorable, huge, brindle coloured – amazing. He was very chummy with all of us from the start also so hopefully that’s a good sign for rehoming him. Since he can’t race any more his owner and his trainer both wanted to put him down. Not cool. So they agreed to surrender him instead and he will be rehomed now – fingers crossed!

I miss Mr P. We just got our vid calls working tho so at least now we can see each other when the i-net connection is working properly. That’s a plus! 🙂 It makes me v.happy to see his smiling face. Fingers crossed for his phone interview this Wednesday that it will go great and maybe it will be his perfect job to move to! I wish everyone could feel as satisfied at their jobs as I do. I remember a guy at work who was always happy – almost deliriously happy – I used to think what the heck is wrong with him, is he on happy drugs or something? And I remember when I was moving for this job, I told a friend I wanted to be that person at work that people wonder why are they so happy. I want to wake up and want to go to work – so far so good! 🙂

I’m having an interesting meal tonight of cous cous with sundried toms, olives and some soy veg meat. It’s a bit of a weird combo but after eating just waffles with p-nut butter & maple syrup (yum!) last night I thought I should be a bit healthier! ha!

Oh yeah, I’m also participating in a 5 Week Challenge where you get to work on exercise plus me-stuff. Besides boot camp which is on super early Sat a.m.’s I have set myself the challenge to dream big and make some goals for my life. I’m excited about my future & what it holds. Here’s to goals & dreams……